Allie Haddlesey has been the Secretary on the Board of Directors since March 2019. Allie was adopted from China at a young age and grew up with a very loving, interracial family. She graduated with a degree in Chinese from the University of Edinburgh, a subject that helped connect her to her roots. She also studied Russian, which gave her an insight into Eastern European language and culture. She previously worked with organisations such as the Young European Movement, where she travelled to Eastern Europe as part of her duties as Vice-President of External Affairs.

Allie has previously worked on projects such as 16 Days of Activism, which highlights issues of gender-based violence. She also created her own successful campaign called ‘Silence Marks’ which sought to raise awareness about sexual assault, particularly on University campuses. Allie became interested in working with Feniks through her experience with activism and her experiences travelling across Eastern Europe. She is ecstatic to be part of the team and has committed to support Feniks and grow in her role.