Angela Voulgari has been the Chair of the board of directors of Feniks since December of 2018.
Angela is a migrant to Scotland since 2001 and has worked with migrant and ethnic minority communities since the late 1990s. She specialises in ethnic minority mental health, and specifically in the areas of Honour-Based Violence and Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Child Protection and Gender-Based Violence. She has worked with numerous organisations across Scotland who support ethnic minority communities, as well as the Scottish Government, Local Authorities and other statutory organisations.
Angela’s training is in Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy and she holds qualifications in these areas from the University of Edinburgh. Angela became interested in Feniks through her work on Gender Based Violence and mental health, and through her extensive travels in Eastern Europe, where she became familiar with different cultures and attitudes towards mental health, as well as the specific issues facing local and migrant communities.