originally from Poland, Kasia has been living in Scotland since 2005.

Coming from a background in Accounting, in 1998 she graduated from Policealne Studium Zawodowe (Poland) in Finance and Accounting. This qualified her to hold the title of Finance and Accounting Technician.

After being employed in various other positions, and using these qualifications, she was employed as Accounts Office Assistant for JB Foods (Scotland) Ltd, from 2006-2015. This is a large wholesale company.
Since leaving JB Foods, she has been working for Secureworks, Here she works as a Sales Operations Analyst, where she provides support for the sales side of the organisation, enabling it to run more effectively and efficiently.

Since 2018 Kasia has been a member of Feniks. She is committed to share her skills and experience to do what she can to support and further the aims and ambitions of Feniks, locally, nationally and internationally.