It’s difficult to bring up a toddler abroad. Away from nanas, papas, aunties and other children, life can be very isolating for the carers. Toddler meets Toddler is a group for little ones and Polish parents and granparents. The project is an incredible source of support, learning and fun! Young parents exchange skills, gain information about the Scottish health system or even how to travel with a little child.

Vote for Toodler meets Toddler in £eith Chooses on 3rd March and online till 10th March!

£eith Chooses is a participatory budgeting for the community projects delivered in Leith. You can cast your vote during the £eith Chooses event on 3rd March in Leith Community Centre 12-3pm and online after acquiring the Access Code from Leith and McDonald Road Library.

More information who is eligible to vote on £eith Chooses website