Vote. You are at Home is an information campaign targeted at Polish community living in Scotland – those settled here, those who have only just arrived, and those who study here. Our aim is to educ

ate and encourage participation in the democratic process on local and national level. Our campaign is led by volunteers, and it is politically neutral.
The campaign was initiated by the School for Leaders Association from Poland. In Scotland it run by volunteers from various Polish organisations with the support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh.
We aim to encourage Poles living abroad to vote both in the elections to the Scottish Parliament in May 2016 and in the upcoming local elections in 2017. Vote. You are at Home is politically neutral and we do not take a partisan stance as to who to vote for. The aim of the campaign is to provide information on  how to register on the electoral roll and how to cast a vote.

The campaign started in 2015 just before the EU elections and Feniks is a partner organis

ation since its very beginning. Its major achievement thus far have been an increase of Polish voters registered in Scotland by 11,563 registrants within a year. At the moment there are 45 833 Polish voters registered to vote in Scotland, which constitutes more than a half of Polish adults and young people living in Scotland.

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