I am a graduate of psychology at The John Paul 2nd Catholic University of Lublin. Specialization of my studies was “Support the quality of life” and the leading module was “Education and communication” – thanks to that I completed my studies with pedagogical preparation.  During my studies, in 2015, I volunteered at a neuropsychiatric hospital in Lublin. My job was to establish and maintain contact with the patients, which caused the level of social isolation of people suffering from mental illness was reduced. In 2018, I also did 50 hours of internship in a psychological and pedagogical counselling centre in Łęczna. I worked with children in early support therapy, as well as older ones. I also did the WISC-V scale for children. Moreover, I have a diagnostic qualification to use the Stanford-Binet 5 Intelligence Scale. In addition, I completed a degree I court mediator course. I am currently an intern at the Feniks organization under the Erasmus programme.