Kamila arrived in the UK in 2002 as a Polish migrant and is a passionate advocate of Feniks’ vision and values of helping integration and wellbeing in a community with diverse backgrounds. In the UK she gained over 17 years’ experience in the public service, working for organisations including Scottish Courts, Health and Social Care Partnership and the Citizen Advice Bureau. During her career she has worked in a range of policy areas including health, law, and social justice. She also volunteered in charities providing a very worthwhile service to those affected by health and social difficulties. 

She has been involved in many projects with many communities, including strategic development, providing support for ethnic minorities.  She has a particular interest in health and wellbeing, and supporting people with a variety of mental health problems to stay well, build their mental resilience and lead a fulfilling and independent life in the community. Formerly a lawyer she has recently gained an MSc in psychology from the University of Stirling, and the COSCA counselling certificate.